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Prague - Fall In Love With Love For Life

Prague – Fall In Love With Love For Life


Let’s go…

It was early June summer morning with the cyan sky promising a beautiful day. In the air was the smell of the approaching holiday season which I have not had for some time, but on that day I did not care. I was waiting for the journey to Prague and I had so many reasons to be excited! In addition, it was waiting for me my love for life. Finally, after a long period, I was going somewhere without my child (all moms will understand 🙂 ). Secondly, I traveled with my brother, so I enjoyed the status of the passenger’s side 🙂 . And thirdly, I love the “City of a Hundred Spires” with all my heart and do not take advantage of the possibility to visit it, I would consider as complete madness 🙂

Hi, Prague…

The journey took place in the complete calm. When instead of two highway lanes have appeared three lanes in front of us, it was suggesting that the capital city is within reach. Furthermore, I felt on my body a pleasant frisson. My brother drove through all those highway lanes, crossroads, and traffic lights expertly, and then we stopped in Nusle. During the wait, when my brother handled his work stuff, I was fascinated by looking at the surrounding houses. They are with another city simply unmistakable. A bit above me loomed majestically the Nusle Bridge on which swarmed hundreds of cars. I was thinking how amazing and indescribable sight must be from it to the whole Nusle district …

Center – Heart of Prague

Finally, we headed towards the center and in front of me along the right bank of the Vltava river appeared the Old Town and Malá Strana (Little Side), whose left part are in addition to other bridges connected by Charles Bridge. Prague Castle, the Petřín Lookout Tower with the Hunger Wall, Kampa Island, the Charles Bridge, and under it the Vltava river with scenic boats, in the distance, the National Theatre, the Dancing House, Vyšehrad (Upper Castle) … This everything is shown its full glory. You don’t know where to look and where to go earlier because of that beauty you become totally dizzy …

Prague – Love for life

Prague is a magic and everyone will find something in it. Whether they’re sights, theaters, pubs, or just strolling along the waterfront. I would venture to say that Prague’s waterfront represents one of the most attractive parts of the capital city. Especially from the perspective of the panorama and connection to the city center and its atmosphere will catch absolutely everyone. And if it’s hidden in your soul just a little romantic, trust me that the night Prague wakes up it in you completely 🙂

But I’ll write to you about this again next time. I’ll show you around of Prague through my eyes … Therefore, I won’t write about it like an encyclopedia or a guide. I’ll tell you about it through the eyes of someone who was enchanted by the only photos that bring tears to the eyes and the heart is being flooded by nostalgia. I’ll share with you about my innermost feelings, furthermore provide some photos from the leading photographers of Prague. And if I inspire with my writing at least one of you to visit this splendid city, I’d appreciate it so much 😉

In conclusion, if you are interested in to know more information, check our course The Czech Republic & Prague 🙂

Author: Veronica

Veronica lives in the Czech Republic and the most she loves the capital city Prague. She started writing about it in order to express her feelings and emotions. She shares with you from her heart the fascinating experiences that take you into embellished aisles, gardens, monuments and everywhere around the Czech Republic 😉

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