An Essential Step in Czech

An Essential Step in Czech 向捷克語邁進


Do you love Czech together with the Czech Republic and Prague? You might have a girlfriend or boyfriend from the Czech Republic and you want to excel in this language. Or you have Czech business partners and Czech will open the way to a dream business. Whatever reason it is, the course An Essential Step in Czech will teach you to be a professional. This is an establishment and continuation of the first course Let’s Get Started Czech. The course will teach you more in depth conversation, phrase, how to search for a job, resume in Czech, relationships, business, etc. At the same time, you will learn deeper knowledge of grammar and skills in all directions.

Each lesson lasts an hour or two, depending on the intensity and the procedure. In this course, it is obvious that you think really seriously learning Czech, therefore, lessons should be more frequent and common every week. It all depends on your time and access. Let’s now see what the course covers.

An Essential Step in Czech

The content of the course with lessons:

  • Czech Grammar in details
  • Job & work
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Asking for directions
  • Geographical concepts
  • What if …
  • Personality
  • Communication
  • Relations
  • Giving orders
  • Meeting each other
  • Holidays and anniversaries
  • Holidays and traditions
  • Invitation and visiting
  • Sports and games
  • Health & lifestyle
  • Newspapers
  • We read in Czech
  • Trade & Business
  • and much more …

We will browse together lesson after lesson and therefore is the need to have a book Czech Step by Step. The book should have been a great guideline since the beginning of the first course Let’s Get Started Czech. If you do not still have it, just click on the image below in order to purchase on Amazon. We can do it together and at the same time in this course is needed to buy the second part of Czech Step by Step 2, as it is a continuation of the first part. If you have already decided to dive deeper into Czech, you should have both books 😉

New Czech Step by Step- Pack

The decision to learn Czech is the gateway to the new world. The advantage is that I will lead you, as a native tutor with a lot of experience. Therefore, communication and understanding between you and me are conducted in English. I firmly believe that you will enjoy this course and the goal is to become a master in the Czech language.

Are you interested in finding out more information about the Czech Republic and the capital city of Prague? Prague is the fifth most visited city in Europe, and learn interesting facts about Prague in Hong Kong from me is definitely worthwhile 😉 Look closer the course The Czech Republic & Prague, which offers many topics. The advantage of the course is that it is taught in English in order to learn information that will come in handy when visiting, business trip or longer stay in the Czech Republic.

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Author: Patrick

Patrick is the native Czech tutor 本地捷克語教師 living in Hong Kong which provides private Czech lessons. Whether you would like to learn the Czech language or the beauty of the Czech Republic, Patrick is always here for you.

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