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Prague Embankment

NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment


Today I would like to walk with you throughout Prague Embankment, and why do I choose it? Because Prague Embankment continues to be irreplaceable and vital for the life of the capital city.

NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment – Everyone comes into its own

On the embankment, you encounter with greenery, the luxurious mansions and also with a number of representative public buildings. You can perfectly spend your free time, it hosts cultural, sporting, gastronomic and other actions. Despite the hustle, however, here it can be found a magical place, where no one will disturb you … It takes just a little searching 😉

Unforgettable moments …

The embankment has an indescribable atmosphere that you have to understand, you just have to experience it. ..

It’s been about 4 years since we walked along the Rašín Embankment. To this day, I can even exactly remember the moment and imagine everything again …

It was a warm May evening, and although we were in the busiest part of the centre, I had the feeling, that is amazingly calm around and people are perfectly tuned … Definitely worthy was the company in which I appeared 🙂 According to me is the threshold to enjoy Prague by the side of someone close, then it’s the only way I can perceive it with all my heart …

During the walks, we heard a pleasant music. I bent down to the waterfront and saw a nice summer garden with benches, and a live band. We settled down and through the trees before me it appeared a breathtaking view of the Vltava River with floating boats. Moreover with a fascinating panoramic view of the Hradčany. Even now, when I’m writing these lines, I’m feeling in the belly a special tickle. I feel a strange nostalgia which pushes tears to my eyes. At that time, it was strong experience and even today I can live in memories completely to the fullest … I know that at that moment some feeling stayed inside me that now I’m really incredibly happy …

So let’s go …

NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment is a great choice even if you just don’t want to go to the most attractive places of the historical centre of Prague. Do you want to know why? Because the most remarkable landmarks are around you … 🙂

And what embankment is there? 🙂

Probably the most attractive and socially the most live is the Rašín Embankment. From here everyone can enjoy a breathtaking view of the panorama of Prague Castle and the historical part of the New Town with the Dancing House.

The Rašín Embankment


Next is the Hořejší Embankment. Just from it, you can enjoy magnificent views of the historic landmark Vyšehrad (Upper Castle) and the railway bridge.

The Hořejší Embankment


Between the Legion Bridge and Jiráskový Bridge is the Masaryk Embankment. We get from it to the island Žofín, we can see the Palace Mánes or enjoy views of the Hradčany, National Theatre or the Dancing House.

The Masaryk Embankment


If you want to sail on the Vltava River, definitely worth is to go to the Dvořák Embankment. It serves as a starting place for passenger transportation. And here is a wonderful view of the panorama of Hradčany. The dominant feature is the building of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, together with the Convent of Saint Agnes.

The Dvořákovo Embankment


Probably the most peaceful embankment is the Ludvík Svoboda Embankment. On it, we find the building of the Ministry of Transport and a path for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Ludvík Svoboda Embankment


Perhaps you enjoyed the walk throughout NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment and if you want to experience it, I recommend to go there. And preferably with someone with whom you can even after years to share the feelings that you felt at that given moment … 🙂 I wish you to make those feelings the most beautiful! … and maybe see you again soon 😉

Author: Veronica

Veronica lives in the Czech Republic and the most she loves the capital city Prague. She started writing about it in order to express her feelings and emotions. She shares with you from her heart the fascinating experiences that take you into embellished aisles, gardens, monuments and everywhere around the Czech Republic 😉

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