Why to learn Czech

Why Learn Czech

The decision to learn basics of Czech, explore the beauty of the Czech Republic or fully excel in Czech brings many new experiences. Just like me, when I learn Cantonese (the local language in Hong Kong), so Czech for you can be very beneficial as well. In the following article, you are going to find out Why to learn Czech. When I came to Hong Kong in the year 2013, I began to build friendship everywhere. I have uncovered the fact, how many people each year visit the Czech Republic mostly as tourists. However, it may also be a business trip or for a completely different purpose. During the time, a few friends were asking me, whether I teach Czech and if I could teach them at least something. In my head, it began to flourish the idea to set up private lessons Teach Me Czech. I realize nowadays that the decision was absolutely correct. I am the first private tutor in Hong Kong and believe that I treat teaching really seriously. My experiences are rich because I teach English at many schools in Hong Kong, as well as a private English tutor. You can explore more about teaching English, personal or business life on my blog here. The Czech language together with the Czech Republic is a very diverse topic. Therefore, I want to inspire you, give you a comprehensive look at the language of the country, which is in the heart of Europe and at the same time to convey you some abundant information.

Why Learn Czech 為何選擇捷克語

To the Czech Republic flows a large number of tourists every year and many of them from Asia. I live in Hong Kong and I meet many people who visit Europe. They love Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague is the fifth most visited city in the whole Europe. Therefore, I decided to convey many useful and valuable information for those who would like to learn at least the basics of the Czech language. Furthermore, for those who would like to acquire interesting information about Prague or the Czech Republic. How would you have felt, if you had ordered a meal or the original Czech beer with the use of the Czech language? Ask for help, to buy tickets on the train, ask for directions or to thank anyone? Believe me, you will enjoy Czech. Below you are going to find several reasons Why to learn Czech.

1. The truth is that in Prague people speak English, but not at all places and not everyone. If you master the basics of Czech, people will appreciate you, and you can expect a smile on face 😉

2. If you go to a restaurant, all menus are not in English. When you have knowledge in advance about the best Czech food, which definitely you must try, then a few words in a restaurant will be your golden triumph 😉

3. Undoubtedly to the Czech Republic belongs the original Czech beer. So as we are responsible for the sale of beer in Hong Kong, you should learn the vocabulary of this environment. How beautiful is to go to a pub to grab the cold beer, which has a gold color with fluffy thick foam on the surface. If you use the right word when ordering in Czech (it is not difficult), you can expect a very pleasant atmosphere. And who knows, maybe after one, second or third beer your tongue will be released and untied so Czech will be even easier for you 😉

4. If you go on a day trip from Prague to the very famous ossuary in Kutná Hora, the music festival in Karlovy Vary, or directly to the original Pilsner Urquell brewery in Pilsen, you must reckon with the fact that not everyone speaks English. Therefore, the basic knowledge of Czech about a way, purchase tickets, etc. will be necessary matter for you 😉

5. Do you think of this course seriously? I know a few friends from Hong Kong, who study, live or work in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it is prepared for you a higher course, which will teach you more than basics. Reveal the essence of Czech to the depth and at the same time open the path to other European Slavic languages.

6. Business trip to the Czech Republic? Maybe you have Czech business partners and it would be useful to learn a few business expressions. When reading the business card, what is appropriate to say during the first handshake, what to ask first, etc. I will help you escalate your business in connection with the Czech language.

7. Each country has a different culture, custom, tradition. Why do not learn anything in Czech? You will feel safer, more confident, and you will understand the Czech culture more in depth. No one else gives you detailed information in Hong Kong as I do 😉

On the basis of the above facts Why to learn Czech, I decided to introduce three basic courses.

Many of own work is made up of private lessons Teach Me Czech and therefore, I always deal with everyone individually.

The first meeting I offer free in order to find out information that you are interested in.

I look forward to hearing from you 😉