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Christmas Old Town Square

Christmas Advent in Prague 2016


It was Tuesday’s noon, outside was freezing and advent slowly stepped into its second half. I was on my way to Prague. Yes, finally, because two days of Christmas in Prague were before me. How I enjoyed! I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve, which is lit up with joy and enthusiasm, how much is looking forward to the evening.

Christmas in Prague

The path passed pleasantly, there were no columns, smooth traffic, and the sign appeared before me soon with an inscription PRAGUE. Right at the beginning greeted me amazingly embellished Chodov and I went through my head that I’m home, which was at that moment full of paradox. Why? Because I’m never at home in Prague, but my heart felt it for unknown reasons otherwise. Apparently, the heart remembers very well place, where it has always been amazing, where it has experienced nothing wrong and where it has always felt happy …

Again Žižkov…

Traffic was already a little denser, but even so, we moved on without any complications. At Žižkov is a hotel where we usually stay in Prague, and I would recommend it to all of you with a clear conscience. The hotel is called Olšanka and it is on the Olšanském square. On the left side of the hotel, you will see the majestic Žižkov Television Tower, which already belongs to one of the dominant of Prague. Some people criticize it, but I got used to it and in a certain way, I like it. One of the advantages of Žižkov is that is directly adjacent to the historical center of the city. Therefore, it takes just a few minutes by tram to the Wenceslas square.

From Wenceslas square to the Prague Castle…

And right on the Wenceslas Square, we began our Christmas advent journey. Mulled wine intermingled everywhere around us with roasted nuts and sausages together with played Christmas carols. The atmosphere was magical and I could not stop looking at the shiny beauty.

Zizkov Tower

(The Žižkov Television Tower. Source: photogallery by marketa novakova)

Hotel Olšanka

(Hotel Olšanka. Source:

Wenceslas square

(Wenceslas square. Source: Facebook page I love Prague)

We’ve eaten up the Prague’s sausage with mulled wine and slowly walked through the streets to the Old Town Square. When I stood there, I thought I’d write about Christmas Prague, but in that moment, I had no idea how difficult task it is. I was full of such feelings that are very hard to convey on paper, you just simply have to experience it. If I had to grasp the three words, I’d write MAGICAL, STUNNING, and ROMANTIC. And the atmosphere of romance at one time, even more, magnified that it started snowing. I’ve watched those big flakes of snow that fell from the sky at the old town towers, Astronomical Clock and slowly covered the whole Old Town Square. And at that moment something went through my head that this is the right taste of astonishing luck… 🙂

Old town square

(Old Town Square)

We slowly walked with mulled wine in hand to the Charles Bridge. I already wrote about it and its close surroundings in the post Prague – Fall In Love With Love For Life, but in the advent time is completely different. At least it seems to me. The Vltava River is quiet, in the air is the smell, which belongs to the Christmas, the whole neighborhood shines even more than ever.

We headed to the Malá Strana (Little Side). We got through the Malostranské square to the castle stairs and walked up on them to the Prague Castle. When you stop on the stairs, there is a magnificent view. And what about when you find yourself at the Prague Castle! From a perspective that is beneath you, such outstanding breathtaking view!

View of the Charles Bridge in winter

(View of the Charles Bridge in the winter. Source: Michal Fic)

Castle stairs-summer

Castle stairs-winter

(Castle stairs. Source:

Prague Castle

Prague castle

(Prague Castle. Source: Michal Fic)

I’d wish to all of you at least once in a lifetime experience to the threshold of Prague Christmas. So you can go the route that I have described to you, feel the aromas and experience feelings that I experience always.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, whether you will spend with those you care about most, and by 2017 with all my heart I wish you only the best! 🙂

And finally, I am sending you a greeting from the Christmas tree in the Old Town Square. And I cheer with mulled wine in hand on the peaceful Christmas, and beautiful the whole next year!

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