Christmas Old Town Square

Christmas Advent in Prague 2016

It was Tuesday’s noon, outside was freezing and advent slowly stepped into its second half. I was on my way to Prague. Yes, finally, because two days of Christmas in Prague were before me. How I enjoyed! I felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve, which is lit up[…]

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Prague Embankment

NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment

Today I would like to walk with you throughout Prague Embankment, and why do I choose it? Because Prague Embankment continues to be irreplaceable and vital for the life of the capital city. NAPLAVKA – Prague Embankment – Everyone comes into its own On the embankment, you encounter with greenery, the[…]

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Prague - Fall In Love With Love For Life

Prague – Fall In Love With Love For Life

Let’s go… It was early June summer morning with the cyan sky promising a beautiful day. In the air was the smell of the approaching holiday season which I have not had for some time, but on that day I did not care. I was waiting for the journey to[…]

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